About Us

What Makes GCB Different?

GCB Web Design, LLC was founded in 2015 with a simple purpose. We provide elegant, responsive, search engine optimized (SEO) websites for businesses, nonprofits and individuals that are at a price point you can afford.

We believe in affordability and transparency - All of our prices are advertised upfront with no hidden charges. Pay once and only once for your website design.

We believe in choices - Would you like us to maintain your website content for you? We can gladly do that for a minimal monthly service charge. Would you like to maintain your own web content? We provide you with the tools to do so easily and effectively at no extra charge. You choose what is right for you and your business or organizational needs.

GCB Web Design, LLC: Affordability, Transparency and Choices. That is the GCB way.

We invite you to view our services we offer and select the right package for your needs.

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Ben GreenbergBen Greenberg has been at the forefront of the online space, organizational development and executive leadership for the past 20 years. Ben was one of the original co-founders of the San Diego, California based annual computer security conference, Toorcon. Ben started the conference along with his childhood best friend in the conference center at UCSD and has now been running for more than 15 years and has grown to major conferences in San Diego, Seattle, Nevada and around the world. He was also the co-founder and partner of Nightfall Security Solutions, LLC. Nightfall specialized in corporate and government computer security solutions. 

Ben transitioned from designing and maintaining bulletin board systems (BBSes) to designing websites back in the early days of Netscape Navigator through to the present day of social media integration, search engine optimization, Javascript and CSS. He is a native to the digital landscape and brings those decades of experience to every client he works with. He is originally from San Diego, California and now resides in New York City.